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       MQL Management Program : Save your cost up to 40%, no more toxic flood coolant

According to competitive edge in today’s industries, cost competition becomes more and more crucial. Therefore, MQL Management Program is a new management program that is specifically designed to save your cost up to 40% and cease contamination of toxic substance in the old Flood Coolant system.


What is MQL?
MQL stands for Minimal Quantity Lubrication. MQL is particularly designed for Flood Coolant system replacement which consumes unnecessarily an amount of lubricant and posses toxic contaminated substances. MQL works as it delivers oil particles with highly pressured air directly to the cutting edge of the tools. This system maximizes utility of the lubricant quantity, and hence there is no waste of the lubricant. Moreover, the oil is vegetable based which has no hazardous contaminated substances and is legally environmentally safe.


Other benefits from MQL
1 Decrease water consumption, since MQL requires no Coolant water mixer.
2 The work piece is neatly dry, as the biodegradable oil can naturally evaporate after cutting process.
3 The after-cut metal chip is dry. Therefore, it is ready for re-melt or sale.
4 Increase production due to more Feed and Cutting Speed that can be enhanced, because MQL oil is a micro-sized oil particle which posses higher lubricity.
5 Reduce workers’ illness absence, because of no more Coolant’s contamination.
6 Improve working condition and environment without oil or Coolant’s stain.
More MQL information
Research by King Mongkut' s Institute of Technology North Bangkok
FUJI BC Engineering Japan
ITW Rocol North America : Material Safety Data Sheet

What is MQL Management Program?
Because we recognize importance of time constraint and cost competition that today’s industries are facing, MQL Management Program is professional assistance that saves up to 40% of your cost by replacing Flood Coolant system with MQL system. Moreover, to save time and serve your convenience, we proudly present this management program that takes all of the responsibilities and systematically frequently report our progress.

New: Internal Lubrication System Technology.
Today’s cutting tool holders and machines have recently been equipped with the new lubrication technology called “internal lubrication system”. The system is specially designed for replacement of external flood coolant, and to support MQL for higher performance as well as cost reduction.

In the internal lubrication system, both the machine and tool holder posses the oil tunnel which carries oil-particle spray through the tool and tool holder itself, and eventually delivers the oil particles to the cutting edge directly and accurately.

The system is currently popular among electronic-part manufacturers because the outcome work piece is dry and clean, unlike the external flood coolant system.
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